Own, Play, Level Up, Sell

CryptoBeasties is a blockchain-backed Trading Card Game (TCG)

A Real Game on the Blockchain

In CryptoBeasties, you collect and upgrade cards, and then pit teams of three cards against opponents’ teams in arena battles. Along the way you earn loot and skill points, and use those points to improve your cards.

Each card represents a creature, or “Beastie” (though some of these Beasties are humans). Information about each creature, including its ownership and all its enhancements, is encoded and stored on the blockchain.

Play CryptoBeasties and:

  • Develop your Beasties, adding skill points and powers
  • Form strategic squads of 3 Beasties
  • Battle other players and AIs
  • Fully own your Beasties and sell them if you want
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Each Creature evolves its own unique combination of Powers and Attributes -- a one-of-a-kind, blockchain-backed collectible.

Phenomenal Cards

CryptoBeasties Phenomenal cards are extremely rare, limited to only 10 copies, ever.

Our first Phenomenal card, Luna the Moon Goddess #1, sold for the equivalent of US$5,000 at auction.

We don't have immediate plans to run another auction, but if we do, we'll post all the information here.

"At night she reigns supreme. Her spells drive enemy teams to madness.
Luna, the Moon Goddess, our first Phenomenal card. Only 10 will be made."

Anatomy of a Beastie


A Beastie starts at level 1 and can build up to level 60. At level 30 it Evolves and gains a second Power.


An Evolved Beastie also gets a new name.


Every time a Beastie battles it gains experience points (XP). The more XP, the faster it levels up.

Default Power

Each Beastie starts with one Power that it can use in battles.

Evolved Power

When it evolves, it gains a second Power. This Evolved Power often has a cooldown time before it can be used again.

Special Badges

Some Beasties are awarded with special badges that indicate when they were obtained, or achievements they earned. For example, all Beasties acquired during the Presale will show a "Presale 1" badge.


The elemental Affinity can give a Beastie an advantage or disadvantage against an opponent.

Serial #

Each copy of a Beastie card is serialized by type. So if you are lucky enough to get number 1 of the Moon Witch, for example, it will show that here!

Token ID

Each Beastie is unique, owned by only one player, and stored on the blockchain.

Power Stone

Give your Beastie a 3rd “wild card” power by embedding a Power Stone. Want to make the AquaBoar fly? You can! Power Stones can be won as loot or acquired in the Shop.


These base attributes define your Beastie’s prowess in battle. Attributes can increase each time your Beastie levels up.

You're in Control

CryptoBeasties gives you all the fun and replay value of mobile and PC games, with the added benefits of the blockchain.


Players own their Beasties, shown by verifiable ownership records on the blockchain.

Provable Rarity

Don't just take our word for it. Anyone can look up how rare a particular Beastie is.

Buy and Sell

Want to build a Beastie from Level 1 and sell it later? Or buy a fully-powered Level 60? Go ahead -- it's part of the game!

Acquire Them

Get new Beasties lots of ways, including loot drops, card packs, or the reseller's market.

Customize Them

Give your Beastie a unique combination of Powers and Attributes -- a one-of-a-kind, blockchain-backed collectible.

Form Squads

Form strategic squads of 3 Beasties with complementary powers so they can dominate in battle.

Meet Some Beasties

There are over 50 types of Beasties in the first version of the game. Here are just a few.



This secretive Forest Witch is always positive and peaceful, unless you threaten her friends. Then watch out for her wild spells!



Born of a solar flare, the young Sun Dragon evolves into Pyrakos, fiercest of all Dragons.



Every warrior knows that it's bad luck to cross paths with the Night Boar, Luntaki, harbinger of death and destruction.



He lost a leg in battle, but the crypto-smiths forged him a replacement, and he gained a new weapon.

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